Modern construction requirements require the installation of waterproofing of your home or industrial building. You can contact us in all cases where you need waterproofing protection – from the foundations to the roof. We can insulate from moisture: basements, ceilings, gazebos, garages, chemical shafts and wherever necessary, regardless of the slope, height and complexity

We are able to offer you different options – Ondulin, Bitumen tiles, rolled material from manufacturers that have established their quality in the industry – Onduline, Tegola, Borner, Technonikoll, and Copernit. This allows a single or multi-layer coating to be applied, which ensures a long life for your roof. The consumables we work with are extremely elastic and light, which helps to lighten your construction, while meeting the requirements for reliability, which are imposed by European standards.

Fertilizer storages and lagoons

Geomembranes are new insulating materials that can withstand high force loads and chemical agents. The elasticity of the material allows its elongation to reach 800%. The application of geomembranes is in the construction of artificial water irrigation pools and lakes. They are also suitable for the construction of landfills, which is their main application in Bulgaria.


Company Eurostroy Ltd. 2007 is distinguished by its experience in this rare area, evidenced by the construction of large industrial projects under EU programs in Bulgaria and Greece. Our main priority is to enter the markets in Asia and the Middle East with this activity. The quality of our work is proven by our excellent relationships with our partners and clients from Bulgaria and abroad.


The Geosystems and Geomembranes HDPE, LDPE, TPO , PVC , etc. are suitable for the construction of landfills, which is their main application in Bulgaria.


Eurostroy 2007 Ltd. continues the construction of artificial lakes and pools, landfills according to European standards, strengthening of dikes and facilities on the territory of Bulgaria.

Completed projects: Landfill for household waste – Madan, Landfill for household waste – Bogdan , region. Dobrich, Wastewater tanks – Pernik, Bird pond – Zoo – Dobrich and others.

Lakes and reservoirs

Eurostroy 2007  Ltd. is one of the few companies in Bulgaria offering services for the construction of artificial lakes and swimming pools, as well as landfills for solid waste. The company has led to the successful completion of 3 objects in Bulgaria and 2 in Greece, distinguished by their scale and precision. The main material with which these projects are accomplished are  Geosystems and Geomembranes.

These are relatively new insulating materials that can withstand high force loads and chemical agents. The elasticity of the material allows its extensibility to reach 800%, which requires its application not only in the construction of artificial water pools and lakes, but also for the construction of retention pools.

Construction work

Eurostroy Ltd. 2007 offers a wide range of construction services and activities – demolition, plastering, mineral plasters, laying of gypsum plasterboard systems, suspended ceilings, various types of heat and waterproofing. In the development of modern construction is widely used gypsum also products and materials, its derivatives. Gypsum boards are distinguished by their lightness, quick installation, and high degree of protection against moisture, noise and temperature deviations. Undoubtedly, the quality of gypsum boards is their perfectly smooth and even surface. These qualities as well as the prevailing consumer demand guided us in the use of these materials in our daily activities. We, in Eurostroy Ltd. 2007 we are also specialize in the services of installation and construction of: gypsum plasterboard systems for suspended ceilings, pre-wall cladding, light partition walls; gypsum fiberboard systems for attic spaces, fire protection, dry floors; gypsum fiberboard systems for prefabricated houses and all other activities requiring the use of gypsum board and gypsum fiberboard. Our experience in the implementation of over 120 projects makes us reliable partners in the finishing construction activities, which requiring the use of these environmentally friendly and proven materials in Europe.
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